We make spectrometry accessible to everyone

Our vision is to equip the man on the street with a spectrometer to uncover the world of spectroscopy in their daily life.

The success of achieving our vision lies in several key factors: the affordability, accessibility and usefulness of a spectrometer. Although spectroscopy has greatly contributed to mankind in many ways, the usefulness of spectroscopy in our daily life has yet to be demonstrated, and many potential applications remain untapped. There is currently no clear approach to proliferate such a versatile spectrometer to the masses, and spectrometers remain confined to the laboratory.

FrinGOe takes the spectrometer out of the laboratory and put it in the hands of everyone.

Our Team

Dr Phua Poh Boon, Ph.D (M.I.T.)

Poh Boon is a pioneer in the field of lasers in Singapore. He started the laser development capability in DSO National Laboratories, Singapore’s defence R&D organization, and rose through the ranks to become a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff. Poh Boon won many awards along the way, most notably the Defence Technology Prize in 2004 (Team award) and 2008 (Individual award). With 20 years of experience in lasers and photonics, he is a very valuable asset to the team.

Dr Lim Kim Hwa, Ph.D (Duke University)

Kim Hwa had been with the Centre for Remote Imaging, Sensing and Processing (CRISP) for 17 years. During his stay at CRISP, Kim Hwa was involved in major projects like satellite imagery and hyperspectral imaging. Armed with a wealth of knowledge in image processing and spectroscopy, he is well-qualified to be the brains behind the software.

Mr Choo Chun Keong, M.Sc, Computer Control and Automation (NTU)

No stranger to business development and company operations, Chun Keong is also a highly skilled and technically competent individual. Chun Keong was the General Manager at SysEng (S) Pte Ltd when it was acquired by SGX listed TriTech Group Limited and served concurrently as the Head of Environmental Monitoring Business Unit at TriTech. He spearheaded the development and deployment of water quality and environmental monitoring systems in Singapore and India. A master of electronics design and computer control/automation, Chun Keong aids in both technical and business aspects.

Mr Andy Low, B.Sc (Hons I), Physics (NTU)

The youngest in the team, Andy is the energetic driving force behind FrinGOe. Having been involved in product development and optical systems design since his days in DSO National Laboratories, he enjoys the challenge of turning ideas into reality.