How did the name frinGOe come about?

frinGOe is formed from the words fringe and go. frinGOe literally means fringes on the go, which describes a convenient and accessible spectrometer meant for everyone to use in their daily lives.

Who should use frinGOe?

Scientists, engineers, teachers, makers, artists, designers, photographers, videographers, cinematographers, or anyone who deal with light and color.

Why are there no color options for frinGOe for iPhone?

As resources are limited, we are unable to provide color options for frinGOe at this point in time since every color option means an increase in production costs.

Why iPhone?

Designing and manufacturing a protective casing for a mobile device is not trivial. As the iPhone has a broad user base with homogeneous form factor, our efforts are currently focused on the iPhone 5/5S and iPhone 6.

Why Raspberry Pi?

The Raspberry Pi has a strong following that is always on the lookout for something exciting and compatible to the Pi. Together with the Pi board camera, frinGOe turns the Raspberry Pi into a really affordable spectrometer.

We also believe that the frinGOe maker’s kit for Raspberry Pi is a great learning tool for schools. Students, in addition to learning robotics, can now have access to spectrometers which are traditionally very expensive and out of reach. Teachers can use them for educating kids on the nature of light and how light interact with the things around us.

Can we use frinGOe with the Raspberry Pi NoIR camera?

Yes, but the spectral range will not be extended to the NIR region as the optics do not work effectively in the NIR region. Custom optics will be able to push the spectral range to NIR at the expense of some blue spectrum.

Can frinGOe work on XYZ platform?

Technically, frinGOe is able to turn any device armed with a camera into a spectrometer. However the performance depends on many factors such as the quantum efficiency, resolution, field of view, sensitivity etc.

Will an Android version be available?

Yes, an Android version will be available in future when resources are available.

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