Measuring the Raspberry Pi NoIR camera board

Having explored the Raspberry Pi NoIR camera for some time, we decided to build a project based on the existing NoIR camera (the one that we have on hand is Rev 1.3).

We tried searching for mechanical dimensions of the Raspberry Pi camera board but was quite surprised that we could not find the details of the board on In fact quite a bit of technical specifications of the camera could not be found. The closest we got was measurements made by Gert van Loo who shared his measurements on the Raspberry Pi forums.

His measurements were made in 2013 based on the Rev 1.0 board so we couldn’t be sure that it applies to the newer board we have on hand. In addition, ours was the NoIR version and not the usual visible camera module that most people would have.

We got down to work and made measurements of our NoIR and they can be found here. Hope this work is of help to others.